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Blockchain based industry 4.0 solution by nxtbox

nxtbox combines Industry 4.0 and IIoT sensors with blockchain technology to provide data integrity for manufacturing projects across the internal and external production chain. nxtbox offers a data based management solution to streamline the productivity across the entire production chain in many branches.

The nxtbox measures the productivity, quality and the current production progress on all production lines for each individual product and components through the entire supply and production chain between all participants. All relevant data is stored in a blockchain, which ensures that the data cannot be manipulated and is accessible to all participants within the supply chain in a secured and controlled way. Besides the anonymous and secure access to the production data, the usage of smart contracts within the blockchain enables the handling of all further interactions between two parties (e.g.: if a supplier cannot fulfill the terms of agreement like producing and delivering on time or on a pre-defined quality level).

Our Product


The plug&use nxtbox captures the productivity and occupancy rate of one single machine or the overall factory, across the whole production chain. Our simply designed plug&use approach allows your production team to connect a machine in less than 1 hour.


Our simply designed dashboards allow the production teams across the whole manufacturing chain to gain insights about the production process quickly and efficiently in real-time, which boost performance immediately.


100% guaranteed data security with decentralized blockchain technology, also for all shared data with your partners. Know what is going on across the internal and external production chain and create secure, auditable records of production conditions to meet customers’ interests and regulatory requirements.

Car industry first solution

With the nxtbox it is possible for the tire manufacturer to see in real-time if a specific part from one of his suppliers is manufactured on time with the required quality. Consequently, for the car manufacturer it is possible to see if the tire manufacturer is producing on time to the pre-defined quality. This is optimizing the entire supply chain by enabling extremely fast reaction times for each party.

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